Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set Two Hundred and Fourteen

In his phonebook.
A doctor-generic loose letter saves.
Keep em coming hears allot.
Impossible is just harm's way.

#1342Modern Yukon Trapper trudging along by Foot through Winter on Journey to go visit his Doctor

#1343Sixty Outcomes Dreamed and Randomized by (a) Type of Helicopter (b) Content of Basket (c) Message on Note

#1344Oh gosh what's a voice to say. In his heart is Mem Orray. Stunned as if Montana was. Her egg shell white each day.

#1345A Perfect Girlfriend in her Waitress Uniform playing Violin on the Roof of her Boyfriend's Sports Car

#1346Steam Era Train with Cast Iron Face of a Town's Smart Inventor Traveling Problem Free (what's something my brother should know)

#1347The Respect Score can't be Aged

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