Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set Two Hundred and Eleven

Minds are already quantum computers.
Not good news for parliaments.
Who knew every two math equal equations.
Would defend random generation of arguments.

#1324The Man who's Brain and Organs allergically react to so many sightings of gold plated Drafting Compass Awards

#1325A Woman approaching You in Private and asking if You know how You suddenly became so Balanced

#1326My Pac Man Faced Morphing Gas Foot Brother standing Professionally before his Cars in Painting Land

#1327Near an incoherent Drunk Man a Young Brother aiming Garden Hose at Young Brother's Ear for Asking I Wonder what He's Saying

#1328Wondering how Toothpaste from Storage could get so Old it has turned Brown Second One this Year

#1329Super Extra Sensory filled Young Man winning Leadership followed to Shoreline where Strange Devices to Solve all People's Problems are Sunken

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