Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set Two Hundred and Ten

There you go. Take a few steps back.
Why waste such-a toxic lore.
Of course young man.
We have seen all-men unsure.

#1318Super beautiful and smart Female Spy on small Boat Date she precisely timed to have Motor Failure by Sabotaging with Pee

#1319Following GPS location of Lost iPad to apartment of Busy Person who quickly hands back One Beeping iPad from Hundreds

#1320Being among few who know 40000 Kilometer long North Pole Ice Shelf with 10 Kilometer drop off not just Illusion of Map Projection

#1321The Struggles against insurmountable impedances when Even just going to Integrity Lounge

#1322A Circle of Useless Things Glued to a Wall at Center a Small Bottle Spilling Sticky Stuff

#1323Dark Subconscious Memory Gallery where Favorite Expressions are Stored for Eternity under Bright Light

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