Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set Two Hundred and Nine

Can he go pee.
No I don't think they need to. Not this year.
To keep things simple though.
They typically go each tear.

#1312Giant Shark catcher Woman scratching Chalk Board who has Electrical Sparks in her Shoulder

#1313Close Man and Woman with Large Thumbtacks as Eyes Looking Towards you in Vain

#1314Three women Tossing Lumber into Wood Chipper (introducing boyfriends to mother)

#1315Farm with Two very large Lobsters in Corral near regular sized Lobsters Roaming

#1316At the Duct Tape Corpse Bar her Ears are wondering can Rubber Ring

#1317Amy touching Leonard's Face before leaving Making him Fall in Love with Her as Penny Watches

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