Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set Two Hundred and Eight

Propitious summer.
Sadly tell us why you're here.
I'm testing you.
Someday you'll get used to clear.

#1306A Fedora Spy choke holding a Dinner Jacket Spy while saying It Doesn't Matter What You Think! My Name Is Jim Cambley!

#1307If a teacher is mad at a student. And a large red bird flies in through totality. If it lands on that student''s finger. Is that the nature of reality.

#1308Petroleum Jelly coated Head and Hands counting your Stool Droppings, Plastic Forks, Tv Channel Changes, Sewer Cloggers, and Rabbit Escapes

#1309Big Bang Theory Actors performing a synchronized Dance of Using their Laptops in Unison just for Fun

#1310Friendly Bus Driver on Loud Speaker asking How long have you been Married leaving Everybody on the Bus Confused

#1311Refrigerator equipped Inside with 53 inch HDTV Sideways that Shows Items not the Way they were Yesterday then Switches to Clown Face Screaming

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