Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set Two Hundred and Six

My ideas come from neurons honest.
Where I've studied long for promise.
Where I've looked-out from dreams for-glory.
And known my lightning's stories.

#1294Text Hovering in Air that says I Don't Do The Fishing

#1295Youths of tomorrow enjoying Ice Cream that can never melt and Chocolate that grows Tattoos if they keep Dancing

#1296Heavy equipment Operator not letting Large Active Water problem Left interfere with his Focus on Worker's dependence on him for Life Right

#1297Shy Man in new Apartment thinking hot thoughts about Successful Woman in same Building being informed by Her she hears Thoughts

#1298CEO leaving disabled employee in lobby facing windows saying keep up the good work receptionists then returning to important Symbols

#1299Discovering my iPad Alarm App now shows Wil Wheaton smiling while holding up an Alarm Clock and his Wesley Achievement Check-Marked

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