Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set Two Hundred and Four

Hell where's she going.
She was diagnosed.
In the dark it makes sense.
Forgotten Shakespeare steals the most.

#1282Visiting an Art District where one Artist runs out Thrusting before you a Presentation of one of her blank canvas Paintings

#1283Small airplane landing on a Basketball Net (nothing but net)

#1284The famous wild airport Pelican that hugs anyone that yells out the name Lou

#1285Twenty Foot tall Artificially intelligent Mechanical Pencils asking Pedestrians for Spare Change to buy more 2B Leads

#1286Yes you heard me right. I said because my-pants are pleasurable. Turn them 'off and on' but don't forget. And that's it.

#1287Like dreaming of owning a Memento Smart Frame and then Discovering one in the Living Room

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