Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set Two Hundred and Three

If you can admire it.
And swing it trough the storms.
All of them want "to do" something.
And Nun like "fast-best-warms".

#1276Spoon and Fork hidden up under Dining room Table before my Family brings Desserts

#1277A resting fifty three year old Man spinning fifty three Yo-Yo's like a headache he will just have to Endure

#1278My deceased father cheerfully asking Want-One? Then throwing his old treasured Home Movie Camera at my Face

#1279Two things that Jessie wants. She has never seen them yet. -You would think we would notice her. -Hell, not on my forget. (monkeys driving through)

#1280Hell where's she going. She was diagnosed. In the dark it makes sense. Forgotten Shakespeare steals the most. (so rivers meet they cry)

#1281Running low on Hidden Dental Floss wound around the Loose Screws under a Dinning Room Table

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