Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set Two Hundred and Two

French dog is for tea sport.
Yes very well Jessica, is hesitant.
And it hurts one self to be so narrow.
Thank you Mr. president.

#1270The bill for a Perfumey Perfumel Frost Stonehenge Concert Fog Machine and Four Dollars of Dry Ice

#1271Two immovable Two-Foot diameter UFOs that landed at a Science Museum and have been Drawing record visitors Since

#1272Caressing large beautiful Machine with shallow very clean Blue water Basin Top (air purifiers in winter too to cure my head pains maybe mold)

#1273And trucks. Leaving my gravel road. On the evening I took too long in daylight. To buy such crude dream code.

#1274I'm not telling you my dreams. Wait a minute they're full of junk. Cookies and coffee houses every moment. How does she stand up.

#1275Young Adults inventing Large Balls that roll through Cities autonomously and Super Adults stopping them with Bigger Balls

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