Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set Two Hundred and One

I Imagine we are authors of our own lives.
But we are never allowed to curb.
With only enough time to think "what word comes next".
During the second we urged last world.

#1264Touching a Wall Power Adaptor (what it feels like when I find other artists I like)

#1265Retrieving my Computer from the Park

#1266A Man almost Flushing himself but Clogging just in Time

#1267Precious Neural Roman Benches scattered throughout my Mind Where I can Rest far long enough May I please quest her Rhyme

#1268Fifteen Wakeup Single Visions of a variety of horrible Close Calls and then one of over the top Fantastic Good Vision

#1269Chicken with Mohawk Haircut seeing Insects in Bowl of Milk as viewed from down Escalator inside Penthouse on day of Girlfriend's ai-algorithm Court Date

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