Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set One Hundred and Ninety Nine

I can "see" it in your skin.
He's arranging the size of moons.
And your eyes I don't understand.
You did when she found spoons.

#1252Husband watching Wife Cry as she adds Happy Paint Colors over their Daughter's many Dark Paintings who they just learned has Cancer

#1253A Love Potion tipped Headset Microphone unfounded into the side of a Turkey

#1254Man nicknamed the Lobster worry pacing Home with nicked Finger as new Girlfriend tells visitor All is Good We can Help him Now

#1255Difficulty using Thumb Tacks difficulty Peeling Eggs The Age of my Descent

#1256Five heavy square Aluminium Tiles under the back Window of a Car each Holding 29 days of Vegetables (the most mind crushing conundrum)

#1257Finding Oneself lifting Coffee with baby finger from top of Important Documents Personal Drawings and iPad stacked on Pool Table after being Lost in Thought

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