Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set One Hundred and Ninety Seven

Let me line it up for you.
The same way we sit right here.
To devastate the church again.
Men are whispered air.

#1240Watching overweight Woman useing sticks and strings to remove Pillows from her Sofa that remind her of my Poetry

#1241Corporal Klinger playing Scrabble with Colonel Potter who wisely Answers no it never Bothers Me that they Squabble it Qualifies Me

#1242Walking up Walkway of Townhouse Complex to ask Neighbour question but Turning Back after Seeing her Darkened Window closing Slowly

#1243City below who have Forgotten why they add more Bracing for Faith and City above who have Forgotten there is Anyone down There

#1244Retired woman my age on my Lap offering Relationship and my Mind building up to Nice dreamed Twice

#1245Strong Athlete explaining Personal Power during thirty second Dash Run as Sadly successively Feebler versions of himself are Exposed by Moulting

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