Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set One Hundred and Ninety Five

Five is the "rain" best numbered wrong.
Few-enough to know what's going on.
That-some look up and see every star.
In a world, where soul-cells guess wrong and-charge.

#1228The Solemn annual Mattress discarding Tradition in Second Life

#1229A patented Coffee Sweetener dispensing Straw holding a Woman in Second Life

#1230Tin Foil dressed Penguin on top of Front Loading Laundry Machine checking Soap Drawers and Cycle Selectors before pressing Start

#1231A Romantic Man teaching a local Woman how to Kiss

#1232A pain relieving Drug Company doing in-depth Experiments to advance Country Road Understandings up to Sixty feet Wider

#1233The SLannaOne artificially intelligent Mattress saying You Don't Love Me Anymore found moved Twelve Inches

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