Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set One Hundred and Ninety Four

The electronic fun transfers.
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All the choices for naming realities.
We made on the 3d looms.

#1222Dream suggesting I attach a Crane Hook to the top of my Hydro Generator Design

#1223Three Heads growing from Ground with lots of Visible Roots and Moon Above

#1224The Emergency Response Texting to Night Clouds Laser Shining System Anonymously Saving Everyone by Diversity

#1225Large upside down Wine Bottle drip feeding a front loading Washing Machine

#1226Woman chef cooking on Upper Level shouting down her progress to Customers below because she's a Loner

#1227Three illogics (Fast Bus Wait) Wrong Side (Washroom Wait) Cool Dancing (Frying Pan Over Bed Wait) Small Nail

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