Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set One Hundred and Ninety Three

There had better be "mighty mountains".
But show me please with-what.
How-about unused Thursday's.
L'artiste forgot.

#1216Lovely voice from Hidden speaker of Legless upside down imbedded Mannequin asking Excuse me sir am I selling my Legs

#1217Woman Air-Writing something Inches from your Eyes while asking Will you quote Me because I'm going to quote You

#1218Waking up and discovering your Roommate has installed a large Billiards Table in his Kitchen

#1219Three white Birds flying fast passed my closed Window in Single File

#1220Unattractive shirtless Man thinking he was Alone privately dancing startled to find Woman beside him Dancing

#1221Man in Washroom who excused himself from Dinner Party pulling out one magnetic Eye Lash Hair and putting it back In

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