Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set One Hundred and Ninety Two

When navigating the land of people.
In the forest of what's truly going on.
I envy their skill of knowing clearly.
Invisible symbols of hearts so strong.

#1210Vigil of close Friends in Living Room waiting weeks patiently for their Friend to come back from Missing Again

#1211Cooking Pan dropped down onto Boots and Dishes a foyer floor Below

#1212Man kissing Wall near his Visitor who is asking him if that Works

#1213Recognizing old note to self about Chores glued to Sky Light in rarely explored upper reaches of Palace

#1214Cooking oil being added to a Cast Iron frying pan Surgically capping a man's Scull Cavity

#1215The two words Dress Deep in midair of an underground Utopia where People have Thumbs Again

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