Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set One Hundred and Eighty Nine

I wanted some alone time.
I strapped myself to-your dream stairs.
It started with, come on up.
A diamond and what's in there.

#1192Around your toaster I hear things. Lovely is one such word. That goes on anything not yourself. How envious butter heard.

#1193Cast of New Girl as Super Heros walking Fearlessly down the Street to Danger

#1194Hello folks. How are you doing. Do you “want“ anything North. First checking her mirror on the lower landing. I fear the Cigarette-Seller-Woman's course.

#1195Four men in Top Hats who own Businesses sitting in Shoe Shine chairs watching Cleaning Woman accidentally hitting her Head on a Desk

#1196World class Arctic Pilot jokingly trying to poke Wood Stove out to tease Pilots in Training into Stopping Him

#1197School Teachers and Students holding Passports arriving at humorous Teacher's home on Sunday to Beg him to be Serious

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