Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set One Hundred and Eighty Eight

All my newspapers worry me.
Just who am-eyes.
I cannot pay "for all" those windows.
That break "my poetic wise".

#1186She makes the finest living. To over calm my nerves. You're going to be disappointed. She's like a friend to-me, dear Curve.

#1187Spotlight on the black lamb top Bunk Resting Hidden among several Quilts and Reasons

#1188Woman rearranging Notes and graphics on Cork Board (in the name of the game, that's for us)

#1189Deep woman Thinking while tiny shy hand reaches in to touch her Neck

#1190A woman searching cupboards. Her house And vast loved land. Shadow "of man cloud" holding coffee. Overcast moving bland.

#1191Like a cue ball scratches. After being mentioned. By advertisements on the table. That's cue speed 53. The speed a shadow finds a mansion.

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