Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set One Hundred and Seventy Four

There it is. That "what you know".
Wrapped in what you guessed.
In a box of what you learned.
Taped-up with strong finesse.

#1102I know what Mistakes are for Now they help Art distort the Lines I dreamt I Tripped and Kissed her I Tripped a Thousand Times

#1103Farmer demonstrating how to store Tools by tossing them at Super Strong Magnetic Walls

#1104Rectangular Hole dug Fifteen Feet from Window unearthing rusted Bicycle and rusted Oil Tank

#1105Wine colored Snow Sculptures of Critters throughout a Neighbourhood leading to one Cartoon Painting

#1106There's nothing else happening like this so I'm going to sit down and learn about Me (go home johnny boy go tree)

#1107Eyes closed Tightly until demonstration of Computer Controlled flying Objects and Strobe Lights is Over

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