Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set One Hundred and Seventy Two

Doctor, what WORLD did this?
I'm on the waterfront asking.
How do blankets feel from new?
Stuffed, clean blank and lasting.

#1090Gifted Teddy Bear with Cigarette Lighter tie wrapped to Paw on bureau of someone who Smokes

#1091Brave man and Crew on complex Shark Study Boat battling Vicious Storms for World Science

#1092Famous Actor pinching Neck of ailing Rock Star continuously as they go on Stage

#1093Confused slow Man on Bicycle knocking over Bicyclist waiting in lineup at Garage for Bicycle Repairs

#1094Very Thirsty woman with back on Floor drinking Bottle of Water found In Toilet Tank

#1095Man making Machine that Grosses out Cowboy Star on TV

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