Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set One Hundred and Seventy

It was unbelievable. Did you to see it?
Avalanches were just as-slow.
Ah! Taking the end slice of breads.
Only gentle enough wakings-snow.

#1078Water and Large Oversized Cookbooks put on Kitchen Table by Man gone to other Distractions

#1079Watching a ball of something Stinky transform into a Pirate's Head in three Bursts

#1080Meditation training of seated Man with Leg in Knee Brace saying Now That Hurts

#1081A twenty foot tall Chicken putting Farm Garbage in proper Bins

#1082Famous Man playing the Self Nudity card too early when his New Girlfriend Arrives

#1083Famous Actress sporting fake Baby Pregnancy Harness outside her Clothing in Elevator

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