Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set One Hundred and Sixty Nine

Man with deformed arm.
On cloud not-reaching down for luck.
Busy-river hung sideways.
Mature-Woman not reaching up.

#1072Huge Intelligence gathering Surveillance Ship with just one window for Lonely Woman

#1073Resting Man who reads Technical Manuals until Light on his Stomach turns Red

#1074Showing Woman Gloves she forgot but without Speaking which turns Man into Weirdo

#1075Police looking at Chalk outlined Shy Man on Bed next to Chalk Outline of no Woman

#1076Handcuffed Woman spitting Flower inside her Mouth down onto handcuffed Hands of Man

#1077Inside view of Bagel Sandwich Show (fifteen to ends rottings to friends things my psychiatrist should know)

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