Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set One Hundred and Sixty Seven

Humanity's unrest is such slow lightning.
And powers the shyest turducken.
It makes people do such strange things.
That urge to not do nothing.

#1060Woman opening Woman's bedroom Door so her disabled Friend can evaluate prospects of Man ascending Attic Stairs

#1061New Secretary with many Toothpicks in her Hair by the End of Day from other Secretaries blowing through Straws

#1062A short Stage Hand walking past the Women's Dressing Room as Female Performers in its Doorway say Hi

#1063A heated Frying Pan too dry then Remembering it has only ever Cooked Sentences

#1064Comparing two short story manuscripts both called The Science of Wearing Lots of Men's Clothing

#1065Man Leaving hard Covered Lifeboat through Hatch the kind built for Ocean Oil Rigs Platforms

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