Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set One Hundred and Sixty One

Of raven and of albatross.
Height becomes a man of soup.
Beleaguered to ingest the prose.
Of a library's truth.

#1024Painting responding Unplug home Wifi Router to spend time Together when asked how to make non-computer Family member Happy

#1025Bunny Pyjamas with Walk Powered Chatter Teeth at Abdomen

#1026Two small Lights shining Down on Cat's Food and Water (asking painting for idea to help old cat smell food)

#1027How do UFO's stay in the Air (woman holding one breast higher than the other)

#1028Street Pothole erupting three Costumed Superheroes ready to Fight (what should I really be worried about)

#1029Sofa SoGood sitting on her Sofa outside my Window in Winter as I listen to Romance Music

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