Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set One Hundred and Sixty

People who don't paint scare me.
Non-poets scare me too.
Seven billion performance artists.
Are arguably more than I can cue.

#1018One Inch Jack Game Pieces on a Beach in Normandy (why I don't talk much in public)

#1019Stage built into Apartment abstrucking main Window requiring too much Red Tape to go Public

#1020Accidentally typing Loae instead of Love into a Search Engine

#1021A Man Studying his Owl Like new Facial Hair after seeing a real Owl the Day Before

#1022Man Scratching Flower Tattoo on right Shoulder Blade with Thumb (is two glasses of wine per day too much)

#1023Clown on Bed Squirting Water at Mechanical Bust of Woman saying Don't ever Make her Talk like that Again Please

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