Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set One Hundred and Fifty Six

Storm at eleven! My assistant!
Cute as much as you can rope.
Teardrop two into the bucket.
You're right. My left is moat.

#994End of Day Office worker leaving Overgrowth covered Drainage Ditch where he presumably has a Desk down there Somewhere

#995Men and Women staring at Windshield Wipers while Stuck until the Fire has Arrived

#996A Viewer Suspecting more Hearken To in a Woman's Heart than her Expression or Slowness to Answer can Convey

#997Fingers together Flirting slowly while placing Unimportant Lucky Number pucks into Choices at a Country Fair

#998Quiet Male poet almost approaching Stage Microphone where Beautiful Woman poet is Stalling to Step down by Undressing

#999Quickly following an Unusually Fast Bug on a Patio to see where it Goes

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