Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set One Hundred and Fifty Three

To me painting and drawing skills look like humanity's.
Shiny new impressive 5 pixel camera invention.
Which is pretty boring if you don't point it at the 5 metaphors.
That are in front of us but eyes don't mention.

#975The Runaway Caboose

#976World growing plants in a Special Planter for Flowers to grow on one Side and Roots to grow on the other Side with of course a Separator

#977A saddened Spying Villain watching a Sabotaged Award being tossed into a Junk Corner by a successful Humanitarian with Friends

#978A Female Mosquito having to choose from a Disabled small Male mosquito Close or a Disabled large Male mosquito Far

#979Jars of coloured Sand Layer Art mostly ruined by Improper Storage on their Sides

#980A Forensic Investigator interviewing Witness with Hayfever saying Madam you are just having a hard Hardcopy (what do you want)

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