Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set One Hundred and Fifty Two

If I look at that star with all my station.
All mistakes great-men made are "hue".
Like that way all men turned into granite.
Celebrate with no world's undo.

#968Retrieving a First Girlfriend from Throat of Dangerous Snake using two Fingers so Slowly to avoid Fangs

#969Man nearing plastic Barbie Doll named Qwekey at Picnic Table (dream warning me I enjoy my food too fast causing acid reflux)

#970An Alberta hobby Farmer who has added Thirty Orange Chickens to his Thirty Regular Chickens

#971A Paper Collage Family going to the Hospital

#972Siblings working Hard to Grow a Ten foot by Four foot Rice Field as their Brother who they are Growing it for Watches

#973A Passenger's point of view in Car going too Fast on a Highway where it's Intention of Stoping or not Stoping for Bumper to Bumper traffic Ahead is Unclear

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