Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set Fifteen

I wish there was a movie called Fine Tuning.
About how people grow.
How they change their inner thoughts.
Until themselves they know.

#134The Four Parts of my Psyche Gathered Together at the End of a Sofa to Talk

#135Many Car Batteries In Two Inch Deep Water as Far as the Horizon
You can see a high quality raytraced version of this
one that my brother made for me useing Bryce 5.

#136A Cat With Claws in a Street of Active Night Clubs on Stilts Hung Sideways

#137A Man Driving a Shopping Cart Set Up Like a Tank

#138A Funeral Procession of Two Coffins in a Pickup Truck Behind a Fifty Foot Limo

#139Some Animals Walking Out of a Farm Pond Into An Eighteen Wheel Truck

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