Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set One Hundred and Fourty Nine

Of all the sciences to study things.
Poetry works the hardest.
To look through mirrors and microscopes.
The moist eye sees the farthest.

#950Man Background Woman Foreground Holding Viewer's Shoulder asking You Know it's all Circular Right

#951Call girl in training after her first lesson telling teaching call Girl \

#952Zippered Roads of a City being a Man's Eye Shield and an Elephant's Hole Trap

#953Man's Hands Presenting three joined Partial Egg Cartons with a Drinking Straw at the End

#954An Aunt rushing into her Parlour passing you a Puppy saying your Uncle's Will said you would take care of Dynamo

#955A Cat that Grew up in a Litter of Dogs so it Barks and Wags its tail Fast

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