Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set One Hundred and Fourty Seven

When I'm old, I'll see you with one pixel.
And I'll know you by your, one pixel Fame.
Right about now, I think I have five-pixels.
And way before that, I think no quatrains.

#937A Man Rinsing his Arm Daily in a Tube of Water Urgently

#938Smiling Man Suspended by Engine Hoist above Front Lawn Tree put up there by his Buddies

#939A Computer Circuit Board with Heat Sinks that look like City Buildings

#940View of a massive Arching Bridge showing the Crescent Moon just Above Middle

#942Apple Juice can Recycled before Repair of Eavestrough Drain both Leaking at Top and Clogged at Bottom (water equals money)

#943Friendly Woman sitting edge of Bed her Head resting on a Resting man's raised Knee

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