Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set One Hundred and Twenty

Packing deliveries, I've never seen.
Salinger, rise no more.
As I would hold, out one hand.
Do you suggest what for.

#775Having Deeply Cut my Finger Nail by Accident Again when I was Just about to Lay Down with a Woman

#776Man Crossing Busy Street Seeing a Fast Approaching Car at his Left and a Sadden'd Woman at his Right

#777A Man Demonstrating to his Friend how Ancient Humans Used One Foot Stone YoYo's to Stop Taxi Wheels

#778A Roller Coaster with Up's and Down's Shaped Like a Girlfriend

#779A Voltage Transformer Labeled Often Afraid inside a Modern Electronic Device

#780Woman Falling Over High Speed Bicycle while Shouting Insults to Local Writer who Doesn't want Anyone to be Hurt

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