Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set One Hundred and Nineteen

And lo however, I ride the bus.
A chapel, as quaint as far.
With war, as ample, as sitting brings.
The knowing what moves a car.

#769Saying You're Trying to Look as Much Like Dad as You Can Aren't You to Your Brother Which Makes Him Smile

#770Pouring a Gallon Jug of Milk Continuously into Bowls of Cereal and Wondering if you've Forgotten how to Stop

#771A Very Unwise Narrow Street that has Fifteen Foot Snow Banks Looming over One Side

#772Looking Down at your Foot wearing a Roller-Skate and Hoping you have Another One

#773A Man Alone in a Field of Blossoming Blue Plastic Masks

#774Trying to Scare the Devil by Rubbing an Seven Inch Deep Hole into a House Joist with my Toe

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