Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set One Hundred and Eighteen

Within each morning as smart as free.
I have to recount, the internal tree.
For within each time I dreamed of life.
Distraction stung abstraction twice.

#763A Metal Man Shaped Weather Vane Holding out Hamburger Meat High atop the Tallest Building of a Village

#764Smiling Woman Kneeling Alone on Corner of Man's bed with Arms held upward Signalling Touch Down

#765Mouse With Golden Hair Returning to Steal More Cheese this Time with Help from a Golden Haired Friend

#766Trying Hard to Move Earth with a Three Directional Three Spaded Shovel

#767Coffee Shop Girl Cleaning Parking Entrance Vomit at the Feet of Someone Not Liking Fast

#768Hooded Humourless Woman at Mall Turning enough to see you then Watching you Sideways

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