Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set One Hundred and Seventeen

Quick now you have zero time.
To invent psychic power and predict.
Too late, your mind's made up.
And lightning grew a world at tip.

#757Your Sister's Lifetime Belongings in a Pile at the Mall near a Corner where you Read the Paper Everyday

#758Dangerously Tightening the Loose Nuts of your 25th Floor Apartment's Unneeded Garage Door with your Toes

#759A Man Wearing a Half Onion on his Head and a Half Onion on his Arm (asking dream cure for head bumps)

#760Hospital Ward Patients all Riding Tricycles in Single File Going Somewhere Sweet

#761The Shy Dog that Always Hides Behind the Refrigerator

#762A Parliament Protester who Dances like Michael Jackson even though No one ever Gathers to Watch

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