Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set One Hundred and Sixteen

Confusion generators run on mixture.
With opposition and support mixed well.
Power your world with one choice of shifter.
Then kick start with one bliss and tell.

#751Opening your Matter to Energy Conversion Storage Closet and Seeing Nothing is Eerie Every Time

#752Man Climbing Ladder Above Woman Spilling his Modelling Career Portfolio and Makeup on Her

#753Woman in Highchair beside Bed folding Waxpaper (asking dream for simple way to beat swine flu if I get it)

#754Finding the Computer you left on a Bus two Weeks ago Still there that you Intended to bring to your Sister

#755Germ Free Two Second Imaginary Keyboard Typing Salutation (asking dream for new era replacement to handshaking)

#756A Retired Mother Holding a Broom in her new Sunshine Clean Dream Home and Pausing to Smile

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