Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set One Hundred and Eight

Design a sink, make it gold.
Newspapers can you, flow of this.
Fill with wealth, and had behold.
And in a diner, make her wish.

#704A Five by Three Foot TV Dinner with Sixty Compartments Holding an Unusually Healthy Variety of Foods

#705Woman with Ten Children and Man with Ten Children Parting Ways after Agreeing to Disagree

#706Two White One Person Economy Cars Parked Long Term at Mall in Single Spot Being Equal

#707Simplistic Drawing of shy Pony filled with Simplistic Drawings of World Famous Historical Ponies

#708Daughter Lying Face Down in Garden Head under Bench Mother Talking Cheerfully to Her Sitting

#709A Woman with a Thirty Foot Long Dress Visiting an Art Gallery View From Fifty Feet Behind

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