Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set One Hundred and Seven

He doesn't know what this is.
Definitely him snow dry skin.
Capacitance especially, nothing lives.
Tricky that he tried instinct stalking grim.

#698A Man in his Super Tech Chair with his Loyal Webcam at his Side Facing Same Way

#699A Man and A Woman Kissing with one Lit Cigarette in their Mouths with no Way to Know who's Burning

#700A Man Repeatedly Dipping a Crystal Rose into a Toxic Environment called a Car Exhaust Pipe

#701A Cat Enjoying Being Carried in a Kitchen Juice Jug like a Briefcase with Only its Face at the Opening

#702Nude Woman Holding Large Poster Showing Ugliness of Man to Patrons of a Restaurant Terrace

#703Rap Singer Hired to Draw Attention to Intricate Glass Trinkets in a Museum Gift Shop Window

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