Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set One Hundred and Four

Like wind chimes under a dining room table.
Sung by situations instead of breeze.
For kinships we could never hear from granite.
Could you task the flimsy please.

#680Chain Reaction Machine on Pool Table Causing Man to Imagine Karma and Woman to Imagine Finances

#681Person on Toboggan Making Silence Foot Above Train Track During Moments after Hitting Snow Bumps

#682A Front End Earth Loader Strangely unable to Lift it's own Front Wheels onto a Transport Flat

#683Holding an Important Engine Part of your own Vehicle Above Six Military Vehicles on a Beach Conferencing

#684Lifting and Lowering very Soft Soft Drink Bottles into Short Barrel of Water with Repetition

#685An Ancient Roman S Shaped Street with one of the Houses Shaped Like a Roman Guard

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