Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set One Hundred and Three

It's an experiment with rain and a sideways sky.
With every psychic saying they don't know why.
Please answer cloud glancer with a morning vertical nod.
I was wondering if you've also been feeling single flawed.

#674Sleepwalking Woman in White Tee-Shirt Rushing to Unlock a Car Door

#675Shelves of Products in Famous Department Store Viewed from Mid Air and Above it all Looking Down

#676A New Glass Wall Bus Shelter at my Mall with Five Dancers Trying to Move it at Night

#677Stranger with Concealed Face Wearing a Large Winter Parka asking me Twice if I Own a Mac

#678Man Throwing a Loaf of Bread in a Basket from his Balcony so it Lands on a Sidewalk and no Farther

#679Two Chatting Scooter Riders in a Parking Lot of Scooters up Against a Wall in a Desert

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