Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set One Hundred and Two

All I want is the loneliness.
From the ideas as lips as eyes.
And conversations wearing the inspirations.
And the sweetness black coffee hides.

#668A Private Yacht in mid air with a Large odd Triangular Rudder

#669A Canvass Sac Filled with Belongings Being Super Slowly Lifted up from a Sidewalk at Night

#670Woman in White and Undefined Furniture Repeated Below with as Little Difference as Possible

#671Man In Washroom Hearing Anger from Other Side of Door Moving Door to Other Wall While Seated

#672A Female Fashion Industry Expert Pointing out Various Elements in Photos of Models with a Pencil

#673Apologetic Girl Backing up and Turning Around Fast Covering Laughter with Two Hands

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