Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set One Hundred and One

With its light blue shade of habit.
And sun spun like a plastic fan.
With invisible true smiles of women.
I'm spinning all I am.

#662Two Smiling Women Talking Privately about Something that must be Obviously Pleasant

#663Convoy of 500 Homemade Vehicles Beginning Journey with Eager Oddball Designs Leaping to Death at Start

#664A Woman Talking Proudly about her New Black Dining Table

#665A Man Hearing the Two Beers he Buys each Year Clinking Under his Pillow

#666A Portrait I Painted of Myself with Some of my Siblings where for some reason I'm a Ball of Meat

#667A D-list Hollywood Actor Retrieving a Pizza he Hid Under a Bleacher During Filming Breaks

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