Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set One Hundred

With ties of untold believe strings.
There's knowing there's a single strand.
Excuse me miss have you seen things.
I hear there's a distant hand.

#656A Puppet Show being Viewed from Inside a Man's Arm

#657Ace Real-estate Agent Showing off Dining Room Sun Door Ease while Outside Secret Strings Aid True Difficulty

#658Three Visions in a Row of Adding Sauerkraut to my Diet (asking dream to show a simple cure for my head bumps)

#659PC Staring Fascinated at a Walnut Sized Sponge in a Three Foot Tent During Staging Adjustments

#660A Man Sitting on a Ledge Against a Vast Number of Mail Boxes of Unknown Architectural Limits

#661A Woman Removing Her Super Hero Mask while Alone for a few Minutes so she can try and Relax

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