Bricks and mortar like all that's said.
Build art and poetry for the worlds ahead.
And when the sticks and fears are dry.
No home is warmer than the eye.


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Artists In Canada

Other Lucid Dream Artists and Hypnagogic Artists

Robin Whitmore
Stephen Clarke
Robot Frank
Fariba Bogzaran
John Doe

Websites of Artists, Poets and Bloggers I Visit Yearly

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#76  Visit  Mahvash Mossaed
#77  Visit  Akiane Kramarik
#78  Visit  Laurie Fuhr
#79  Visit  Jeff Walt
#80  Visit  Linda Bergkvist
#81  Visit  Adeen Akarasick
#82  Visit  Keren Richter
#83  Visit  Bridget Farr
#84  Visit  Elaine Greywalker website
#85  Visit  Jim Warren
#86  Visit  Joe O'Neill
#87  Visit  Brenda Ferrimani
#88  Visit  A. James Brummel
#89  Visit  Rob Mclennan
#90  Visit  Elaine Greywalker podcast
#91  Visit  Karl Franklin
#92  Visit  Nedeko
#93  Visit  Cliff Finity
#94  Visit  James Picard
#95  Visit  Alice Egoyan
#96  Visit  Janine Dupont dit Duponis
#97  Visit  Dreamman
#98  Visit  Gretta Gibney
#99  Visit  Amy King
#100  Visit  Nikolaus Maack
#101  Visit  Alexandra Nechita
#102  Visit  David Urban
#103  Visit  Jonathan Bennett
#104  Visit  Heather Horton
#105  Visit  Stephanie Bolster
#106  Visit  Brian Macgregor
#107  Visit  Claudia Salguero
#108  Visit  Marcio Melo
#109  Visit  Charles Pachter
#110  Visit  Christopher English
#111  Visit  Glenn Waggner
#112  Visit  Jelene Morris
#113  Visit  Eugenia Weinstein
#114  Visit  Michael Patton
#115  Visit  Kelly McLarnon
#116  Visit  Keith O'Connor
#117  Visit  Kelly Moore
#118  Visit  Steve Selpal
#119  Visit  Stephen Linhart
#120  Visit  frogdot
#121  Visit  Larry Boswell
#122  Visit  Candida Girling
#123  Visit  Jan Vasa
#124  Visit  Jeanne A. Sisson
#125  Visit  Michael Swire
#126  Visit  Daniela Oey
#127  Visit  Amy Lynn Stevenson
#128  Visit  Tone Aanderaa
#129  Visit  Eliza Griffiths
#130  Visit  Fariba Bogzaran
#131  Visit  Christine Belanger
#132  Visit  Tony Scherman
#133  Visit  David Bowie
#134  Visit  Tanya Wood
#135  Visit  Erin Elizabeth
#136  Visit  Crystal Beshara
#137  Visit  Pearl Pirie
#138  Visit  Melody A.Thomson
#139  Visit  Sheila Heldenbrand Toth
#140  Visit  Christine Leger
#141  Visit  Erin Noteboom
#142  Visit  Michael Woolcock
#143  Visit  Tracey Emin
#144  Visit  CoCo Jones
#145  Visit  Diane Caron
#146  Visit  Daniele Rochon
#147  Visit  Jan Marius Franzen old site
#148  Visit  Leonard Cohen
#149  Visit  Moe Kelso
#150  Visit  Heli Tuhkanen

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All these paintings face the walls.
May you live in happy sees.
Like is the hardest easy swing.
You flip them with believes.

Podcasts I Listen To

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Radiolab podcast
The CultCast podcast
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Other Links which is also on youtube Art and Healthcare category art category artist spotlight
I allways vectorize my pastel paintings with so they look perfect.
Peter Simpson's Ottawa art blog The Big Beat
Paul Gessell's Ottawa art blog Art and the City
Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics (my 1320 dream paintings as prints in your hallways please)
Apple Computers (my 1320 dream paintings as prints in your ufo campus hallways please)
Janelia Farm (my 1320 dream paintings as prints in your hallways please) (The ASSC) (experment not by me)
bloom oon (editor Laurie Fuhr)
my favorite actress artist writer Miranda July
my favorite actress 2 Judy Greer
my favorite actress 3 Tanya Allen
my favorite actress 4 Kate Micucci
Interpretations by Tif
Council for the Arts in Ottawa
Cosmic Awareness Communications (1)
Cosmic Awareness Communications (2)
A very ingenious solution to make CanoScan 8400F scanners work with MacOS Lion


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or anything else I may think about.

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