Epic Dewfall - Four Important Dreams

  here is a humorous dream I had about the  
environment in Aug. of 1998  

dream about the environment...
dream about the environment cartoon of vultures
I paint fine art that I see in lucid
dreams. During one search for paintings,
I found a cartoon about the environment.
One vulture was looking at another
vulture and saying, "I wish there was a
place where every animal of every kind
in the world could get together and
learn from one another". And the other
vulture says "yeah, especially us
Cartoon Illustration
by D'Lorah

 here is a humorous dream I had about art  
appreciation in May of 1999  

A fine arts appreciation dream...
dream about fine arts appreciation cartoon of owls
I dream that I am reading a cartoon
about art appreciation. In the cartoon
I see a wise owl showing a painting to
two young owls. The painting is mounted
in the side of a tree in a spot carved
out for it. But the painting is facing
inward. The two young owls ask how are
they supposed to see the painting that
way. The wise old owl tells them, one
has to be inside the tree to see the
painting. In the next panel we see the
three of them standing in front of the
same tree but in a happier brighter
looking surroundings. The painting is
on the same tree but is facing outward
this time. One of the young owls says,
"oh yes, I see what you mean".
Cartoon Illustration
by D'Lorah

Dream Where I Played a Piano by Epic Dewfall

I am walking through my old neighbourhood where I
grew up. I end up at my old House and I go
inside. My father is here and I greet him a warm
loving hello. We go into the kitchen and
two of my younger brothers are in here. I can't
help feeling sorry for them all for having
to live in such sad and poor conditions.
They are all smiling and cheerful to see me again.
But I just feel sorry for them all. They
start to show me some home movies. In the home-movie
I can see my two twin sisters when
they were very young and were very sick.
All their hair has fallen out and they can barely
stand but still they look cheerful even in
all their poverty. I can see in this home movie
some of the other neighbourhood mothers
looking at the twins and feeling angry and
upset that someone near them might have a
contagious disease. The movie ends and now
my teacher is here in the kitchen and we announce
to my family that she and I are going to
play a piece of classical music for them. There
is a very beautiful grand piano here in the
kitchen. I start to play the most beautiful
and sad sounding song I ever heard. It sounds
like the kind of music you hear from a
girl' s musical jewelry box but this song is more
slow and lower keyed. At first I don't feel
surprised that I can play such wonderful
music. I am thinking to myself about how everyone
in this neighbourhood must survive such cruel
conditions and still they are always
smiling. And the whole system of life and
survival seems so mean and I feel contempt
for whoever designed it. And I think about a
music box and it's simple beauty. How every
note is needed and wanted and completes a
beautiful thing. As I play I am crying
inside and wishing my family and the world could
learn this lesson of the music box. And I
wish I could redesign the life/survival
system and make it more like a music box. Now as
I get near the end of the song I realize I
shouldn't be able to do this. But I keep playing
and listening to the song but now I
appreciate it even more. I become now so
overwhelmed by the beauty of it all. The song
ends, and I wake up.

Dream of Time Traveler by Epic Dewfall

I have privately discovered how to time travel.
I go back in time a hundred years, mingle
with the people and enjoy life. I try to teach them
wonderful things about the future. I paint a picture to
show some of them what a big city looks like. I am
walking around one of their small shopping malls and I
see a hand beckoning me from a hole in the air. On a very
inner level I think I know who they are and what they
are waving to me for. I go up to the hole and see no
hole now where there was just a few seconds ago. But
I know the hole is still there, a small hole about six
inches round. I feel like I know what it is. I put
one of my feet into it and find I was right. There is
an invisible hole here. I put my other foot in and somehow
magically I find I am able to lower the rest of myself
through the hole and I drop down ten feet to the next
floor below of the same shopping mall. Only there are
a few people here I did not see when I was above the hole.
They welcome me. I still see the people shopping all
around us but they can't see us here under this hole.
I feel I understand exactly who they are. They are all time
travelers like I am. And this is a private place
where us time travelers can meet and talk about great
things. One person explains the hole to me. He tells
me it is a test of my fear and trust. Because I have to go
through the hole feet first I had no idea what could
have happened to me. I could just have easily been
shackled and captured. The hole test is used to filter out
the people who do not trust others and fear
everything. This person who just explained the hole
test to me now opens his briefcase. I see that he is an
artist just like myself because he has brushes and
paints. Also in his briefcase is a very beautiful
electronic device. I can tell from the look of this
device that he is from very far in the future. Farther than
I have ever seen. I open my briefcase to show him
that I too am an artist. When he sees my painting
equipment he says to someone beside him, "Ah! another artist
has joined us." I suddenly start to cry. I have
never before felt so overwhelmed. I have finally
found a place where others know why I paint. An
understanding that only people from the far far future
could have learned. A lifetime of struggle and desire
has been realized. I am crying now so hard that I
can't breath and I am fighting for air. The man from the
future pats me on the back, to try and get me
breathing again. He smiles and says to someone in the
club, "Most of them have this reaction".

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