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1996 Video 3Mb 11 seconds long

Canadian Artist Poet Epic Dewfall Coin Knuckle Rolling ( Outer two fingers held slightly higher to act as stop points.)


My personal best
later in life was 80 tilts or what could be called
40 cycles.

Epic Dewfall here. I want to add that I also had one other trick I practiced allot where I could toss a quarter up in the air behind my back just right so it would go over my shoulder and land it in front of me, onto the back of the same hand I threw it with. And always heads up. Old age took away my ability to do these two tricks about 20 years ago. (right hand behind, forward over right shoulder, landing on back of right hand in front, landing softly by dropping hand in front at same speed the coin is falling, heads up by having tales up to start, intending no spin at toss, but expecting one flip to be normal)

I was in grade six. Everyone in the class had to give an oral presentation at some point during the school year on any subject they liked. All that year I had a problem of falling asleep in class and being woken up by the teacher about once a day. The day came when it was my turn to give an oral presentation. I stood at the front of the class and said with a cold and strait face that my presentation was on the subject of "sleep and dreams". The whole class burst into laughter for five seconds but I kept serious and meek and proceeded with my presentation in a professional manner. I explained the connection between rapid eye movement and dreams and the four stages of sleep. In all I talked for about 4 minutes. At the end, the teacher ask if any class members had any questions to ask. I was only asked one question by a girl. "Why did I choose sleep and dreams"? When she asked this the class burst into laughter for five seconds again. I calmly responded that I find the subject interesting.

home =
A row of country cottages.
But with front walls only.
I stand at the window.
And try to look homely.
That lean you call your best coffee stance.
Your poems are a third of that romance.
Like standing near my open windows.
I don't advertise those kind of symbols.

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