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Epic Dewfall
Amateur Artist Poet
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

I don't enjoy talking please
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Cassandra Williams
photo of artist plus site tree (or also called a site map) 1691 long titled paintings
2458 quatrains,
384 long spoken word poems

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I can't lucid dream anymore so here is how I get ideas these days. When I want to see a painting or hear a poem, I lay down with an iPad mounted above me. And then block out all light and sound by wearing Bose QC35 Noise Canceling Headphones and a sleeping mask. I first listen for each line of a quatrain. They come fast (the moment I put my mask back on). When the quatrain is completed. I then watch my hypnogogic imagery for the painting that goes with that quatrain. That is not as easy as it use to be. If I don't see an image, I wait until I have a dream about it that night. Or just add the quatrain to my website without a painting to go with it. I accept any ideas from myself that seem to have come from somewhere other than me.

  I have 3 of my symbols figured out for sure so far  
trees = women, water = money, boats = sex  

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I don't keep track of inspiration to keep work slow but they seem equal enough.
Sometimes I turn the painting titles into quatrains and vice versa.

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Archived Paintings
My paintings in 272 sets of 6 in order of creation.
Archived Quatrains    Four line poems in 25 sets of 100 in order of creation.
Long Spoken Word Poems    384 long spoken word poems. (my favorites are #25 and #320)
Computer Art    And finally I have thirteen computer drawings.

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Here is a self made Welcome to my Website Video Greeting (2.1 meg quicktime).

Here is my first interview (Epic Dewfall).
This is Electric Dreams Volume 4 Number 1 January 1997 (253k text file)

  sometimes I put a favorite new quatrain or two below. But I write a  
four line poem about once every ten days, (archived top of here)  

I can only suggest you use real visions.
On shores where the oars are sought.
Stored in each trickle, an ocean roars brittle.
That joy at one's "first sight of thought".
Running is time. And the song has been listening.
Look away, and it'll show you a house.
I can only see time-best when I only see-yes.
Window air. Please draft me into a best man's health.

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